My name is Beverley D. Burdeyney I am a Balloonologist, and the creator of a Balloonology program,which is the art of using balloons for exercising and physical therapy.

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I have been practicing "total body rehabilitation and functional movement"for 55+ years.  I am the first declared Personal Exercise Coach in Toronto, dating back to 1984, providing one-on-one service to individuals in the home or office.

Good Health is a well-planned journeyand let me tell you about mine.

I am a 78 year old woman who was born with congenital conditions primarily a spina bifida (L3-L5), that is, a bifurcation of the spine, upper back scoliosis, an imbalance of my hips, all this has left me with both of my legs being misshaped, misaligned and two different lengths of approximately one to one and a half inches. Throughout my life, I have had to cope with a variety of body challenges, including excruciating pain and incapacitation. Yes, I know first hand what it is like to be confined to space for prolonged period of times,  to be in a body cast and to be in a wheelchair. That being said, I have been blessed with an accomplished, interesting and rewarding life. I say."A Journey Endured"  but  "A Life well lived"!

My body has always required maintenance, that is, high maintenanceand, more so, with aging. In the recent past I was shoved on a staircase. I grabbed the railing to prevent myself from going down head first but the extreme shove twisted my entire right side, hip, knee and ankle, resulting in a questionable hairline fracture. I was in agony.   I was a bird in a cage. My regular rehabilitation techniques were excellent but not enough to get myself out of this horrible crisis, I needed something more. so I went searching.

I consulted a couple of Doctors  and orthopaedic specialists  for advice but no one came up with anything worthwhileother than to compliment me on my achievements to date. I was told I was a "walking miracle"  but I NEEDED HELP not compliments.  I was searching for a needle in the haystack. Medication was suggested but my body does not tolerate any medication whatsoever. I knew my body required extra physical I was forced to think out of the box to find a way to "help my body heal itself, to help me take control of my life and to become functional again".  To have a life!

This is where the late USA president, JFK comes to mind.  He said.."some men see things as they are and say whyI dream of things that never where and say what not?"  The impossible is possible, if you believe in yourself (and, God). And, I do! Crisis forces you to think out of the box.   I did just that. I was at a birthday party, saw balloons  and I came up with the idea to use balloons as an "aid" in exercising and physical therapy.  And, the balloons have served me well!

With the balloons I created revolutionizing simple, sequential  and effective techniques/movements which could be done in a lying, sitting or standing position. These techniques not only upright the entire spinal column and neck but reinforce and strengthen the "core" of the body. These exercises are most complimentary,  compatible and agreeable with the body.   I credit the balloon programs which I created for allowing me to achieve the results I needed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

A Trade Mark application  has been filed on my behalf,  declaring myself  as a  "Balloonologist";  that is,  the first person to use balloons for exercise, physical rehabilitation and therapy. I also in the midst of preparing a marketing program.

I now want to demonstrate my specifically designed balloon exercises to the medical profession at large as I strongly believe that many individuals, particularly people who have compromised bodies, such as Seniors,  as well as  the many who are suffering from various maladies like myself could benefit from these balloon exercises. I also believe that individuals who are sitting for prolonged periods of time. desk/office workers, bus/truck drivers, students,  etc. could be included here.  We need exercise to have healthy bodies.  Only a short amount of time is required. You don't need to go to the gym. these exercises are easy to learn, can be done anytime and anywhere.


The balloon exercises also create a state of "mindfulness", as each movement requires total concentration so there is an added bonus of relaxation. This empowers individuals to take control of their bodies, mind and their destinies!  Individuals immediately feel the difference; they  know that  "Exercise is medicine!"  As I have mentioned beforehand.Health is a well planned journey.

I have been told that I am a "miracle walker".  I am very pleased as to how I  preserved and managed my discombobulated body.   I have had an accomplished, interesting and most rewarding life; Prior to becoming a full time rehabilitation coach, I have had two previous professions, the last one being Exec. Director For Canada for an International Firm out of Kyoto, Japan.  I was a woman ahead of her time.  I have been blessed with a wonderful daughter, four grandchildren and many friends.  Above all, I am still vertical, functional and working to help others.

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I will now demonstrate the FLOOR "lying" down  balloon exercises to you. Your comments are most welcomed.  I strongly believe the  results are nothing less than "miraculous" and so many people could benefit from them. 

If you wish to benefit from my experience and wisdom, you can book a personal consultation with me. Remember the body doesn't lie! Depending on my findings I will then be able to decide what your needs are and guide you as to which selected exercises and/or balloon method(s) can work best for you.




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