iOPW has three proprietary platforms that allow companies to publish original content with ease, and more importantly, allow content to be properly identified by Google and other search engines so that it populates and ranks.The ability of iOPW's platforms to get quality ranking content will allow businesses to gain online market share and visibility.


Content Properties are custom built website properties that reside on a separate domain name which you will own once developed. Having multiple online properties as a part of a company's online digital portfolio allows for increased market share, ranking, and traffic, and over time, the opportunity for multiple spot listings on pages of search.Once built and launched,Content Properties become digital assets for a company, and coupled with back end access to iOPW custom CMS system gives you an online media arm through which to publish fresh content of any kind, update promotions/offers, run specialized campaigns, etc.

 One Pole vs Many Poles 

Cast a wider net with iOPW Content Properties.

Having a single fishing pole, regardless of how good it is, will catch less fish than using 100 good fishing poles.
Get more keywords for website titles, descriptions, and get multiple rankings in search results.

Investment and Ownership

You get to own domain names. Domain investment is a very lucrative market. Over 300 million domain names are registered in the world. While they retail for about $10, the value can reach millions

1. $35.6 million in 2010

2. $35 million in 2007

3. $30.18 million in 2012

4. $18 million in 2009

5. $17 million in 2015

Once domain names are developed into actual sites and rank, they become much more valuable.

iOPW Content Properties, enables you to get more exposure for your business, get more leads while getting full ownership of the domain name and creating a solid internet portfolio.

Diversifying your online portfolio.

Protection against main site going down.

Sites can be hacked, stolen, domain names lost or simply attacked by others. In the event your main website goes down, having other sites which are generating leads for you can cushion the blow.

Investing in your own business

The Silo you build is owned and controlled by you.
Unlike Google PPC or any targeted ads, Content Properties can spread across many search engines and platforms. As a result of developing content properties and unleashing them on the web, our clients have received leads from different markets and different countries.

Google PPC (Pay Per Click) can't give you a lasting advantage

Google PPC is on a bidding system. It once cost pennies per click. Now it costs on average $5, $10, $30 per click depending on the industry. It's designed to give maximum profit to Google not you. If you are seeing great results from Google PPC, others will bid it higher. Eventually to the point where it's not worth it for anyone.

Spreads everywhere

Unlike Google PPC or any targeted ads, Content Properties can spread across many search engines and platforms. As a result of developing content properties and unleashing them on the web, our clients have received leads from different markets and different countries.

Unique Advantage

We are the creators of content property marketing. Our high volume of quality content publishing from our secure private server gives us credibility in the eyes of search engines.

Our IP address is managed carefully and has remained pure over a decade giving you a strategic advantage over others who build out websites on host servers which they know nothing about.


UGC - User Generated Content

UGC is the most powerful driver of online engagement, ranking, and net worth. Companies such as Yelp, Trip Advisor, Instagram, and Facebook, to name a few, have been able to tap into the mass customer bases of various other companies and offer people a place to share their experiences, thoughts, pictures, questions, and content.

UGC platforms have understood one simple concept: people have an experience and will share it. Whether the action is taking a picture and texting it to someone, sharing on social channels like Facebook or Instagram, or writing a review, these actions are happening and businesses are not engaging with their customers directly and allowing them to share that experience.

Unfortunately, individual companies do not possess their own UGC platform. Thus all the value you work so hard to create with customers is not going to your business, but to someone else's (i.e. Facebook, Instagram). UGC platforms are growing and ranking from this value, businesses are not.

iOPW's patent pending UGC platform, called RWARDZ, allows your business to engage with customers directly and give them a place to share their pictures, reviews, and questions.

By capturing this engagement directly with customers, it increases your customer loyalty and interaction while allowing the content to be seamlessly published online to boost YOUR ranking. In addition, you publish and own the content, and it can then be shared onto social and UGC channels.

In short, you will be allowing your customers to grow your business, which they are happy to do if given a way to share.

Unlock the value of your customers.

Don't just work for your customers. Have customers working for you.

Biggest companies tap into user content and actions and you can too. eg of companies that do this are: Uber, Facebook, Yelp, etc.

Your very own review site & solution to ORM (Online Reputation Management)

VerView is a powerful platform which enables businesses to digitize and publish their instore collected reviews, e-mail reviews, hand written testimonials, thank you cards, and much more. We believe that third party review sites are not an accurate reflection of business interactions with their customers. It gives total control of reviews to third party websites and often only select individuals participate in these third party review sites. It becomes an easy place for dissatisfied customers to vent.

VerView is our answer to the challenges facing business owners. By enabling businesses to share positive customer testimonials efficiently in a digital format and displaying accurate reviews of their employee interactions, businesses improve communication with their customers and regain lost leverage from third party review sites.

Everyone reviews before buying

You must have reviews. More than 50% of people will simply refuse to buy any product or service which does not have a review. You need good quality reviews on the Internet to be considered.

You have untapped reviews

You get email testimonials, family and friend referrals, thank you cards, and even gifts. There are many good reviews and stories which go unfound and untapped. VerView gives your success stories a platform to stand on, get found, and drive your future success.

Gives ORM benefits

If you do not actively promote and nurture good stories and reviews online, the potential for negative reviews to impact your business grow. It's sort of like seeding the lawn, without grass only weeds will grow. Having VerView acts as a shield against negative interactions on the Internet.

Powerful SEO

Since reviews are so sought after from potential customers, we have added powerful SEO functionality and opportunity to your own review engine, giving you greater visibility, more inbound traffic, and lead potential.

Maximum control puts you in the driver seat (suppress negative)

VerView is your very own review platform, not some other 3rd party platform. You can design, promote and advertise as you see fit. You can interact with your customers and address negativity before it spreads.

Gauge employees and branches/franchises

VerView enables you to review based on each employee and each branch/franchise location. As the business owner, you have the power to listen to your clients and gauge how each person and location is performing and reward and correct them as you see fit. You now have accurate insight into customer experiences.

Great analytics, simple tools and self-managed

Our review analytic tool gives you information at a glance. The tools are super easy to use and update. For the most part, VerView operates on its own. Once designed and setup the way you want, simply monitor incoming reviews and take action when it's necessary. VerView enables you to promote your business, shield your business from hateful reviews, and build your assets automatically.


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