The Social Strategy Group was formed in 2008 as Consultancy Company.

"Bringing experts to your boardroom when you needed them the most" was our tag line, but the growth of the Internet, e-commerce, and the power of Social Media has changed the way we do business.  Just as technology changes virtually every day, The Social Strategy Group continues to evolve, strongly believing that forming Strategic Alliances combined with technology, and Word of Mouth Marketing, is the most effective and cost efficient way for companies to generate more clients and increase revenues.

Every Business has a purpose, and should know what is most important to their Clients..

Please consider the following statements.

* Just about every organization has lots of data, but some are simply better at squeezing competitively advantageous insights out of it.

* Most companies are data rich but information poor.

* It is important to note that persistent information deficiency does not just negatively impact the organization's performance; it may actually pose a threat to its survival.

* The degree to which market leaders are able to consistently outperform their competitors is now inextricably tied to their proficiency in translating large volumes of data into decision guiding insights.

* In a sense all organizations are now in the information business, but their competencies in that area are highly uneven.

* It is important to keep in mind that transactional data is outcome orientated stated differently it 'speaks' to what happened, but not why it happened, this is a fundamental truth.


Michael Morris, President - THE SOCIAL STRATEGY GROUP

In 1975, after many years in his family fashion business, Michael emigrated from England where he was born, and was instrumental in the opening of Holly's Ladies Fashions, regarded at the time one of the most prestigious fashion chains in Canada. Responsibilities included the hiring and training of Management and staff, purchasing of all product categories, merchandising, and new store acquisitions.

After eight successful years as General Manager of Holly's, and gaining recognition as a fashion industry expert, Michael left Holly's to open his own manufacturing company. The company specialized in quality ladies fashions, with distribution throughout several hundred independent specialty stores, Department stores,  and Retail chains across Canada and the US.

Michael was a pioneer in the development of Private label programs for many major retailers in the early 80's, and entered into several licensing arrangements with US fashion companies for distribution in Canada.

Over the past 15 years Michael has consulted for several designers, creating the successful direct sales "Sunny Choi Fashion House" concept in 1992.

In 1993 Michael introduced workplace shopping fundraising events for over 50 Hospitals across Southern Ontario, and continues to work with many non-profit organizations as a Cause-Related Marketing consultant to help raise much needed funds for many needy causes.

After 50 years experience in the fashion industry as a Retailer, Manufacturer and Marketing Consultant, with technology becoming an integral part of retailing in the 21st century, Michael acquired a technology franchise called Bloomtools, offering web solutions for small to medium size businesses.

Michael is a mentor at the Toronto Fashion Incubator sharing his expertise and vision with the members.

Norman Evans, President CMN- Creative Marketing Director

Norman Evans is an expert in Business Strategy, Planning, and Integrated Marketing & Public Relations with over 30 years of experience developing and implementing successful marketing plans and creative for Fortune 500 companies.

Recognizing the changing nature of the industry, Norman developed the S*T*A*R* Planning Methodology, a system for developing integrated marketing campaigns.

Using S*T*A*R*, Norman founded The Creative Marketing Network and delivered dozens of successful marketing campaigns for leading global corporations including Microsoft Canada, Cisco Systems, Samsung and ATI.CMN launched Microsoft in Canada, and served as their Marketing Agency of Record (AOR) for six years.

It was also Norman's vision and execution that led to the launch of Microsoft Windows 95 using a 600 foot banner covering Toronto's CN Tower as a stuntman stilted down the tower holding an AST laptop computer. Norman is the Creative Director at the Social Strategy group and creator of the Don't Wait corporate DESKERCISE program, CMN'S Microsoft award winning APP.

Michael Levinson - Digital / IT Strategist

Michael is an experienced Internet Entrepreneur,  a hands-on, solutions-oriented product and e-commerce specialist, with strong leadership and management skills.   With a Deep technical understanding of the limits and possibilities of Web application spaces and a focus on optimal user experience.

With over 18+ years' experience in digital product development he helps organizations with deployment of an internet or mobile strategy.   He is a Broad thinker with equal aptitude for high-level concepts and detail work, capable of overseeing entire product roadmap from conception to execution and continuous improvement.

Michael is a dynamic, versatile professional with 25+ years' experience in real estate and property management and all aspects of the hotel industry, from ownership, operations and management to developing innovative Internet-based hotel booking applications.

Michael brings to the Group multiple business skillsets: 

Marketing, brand vision
Business development
Software development & Design
Identifying opportunities
Concept development
Team Building
Social media marketing

Brian Cohen - CA (SA)


A highly organized, dedicated and thorough Manager capable of rapidly analyzing company problems and developing effective solutions. A seasoned controller with 20+ years of experience in cost recoveries, finance, auditing, budgeting and cash management.


Business Development
Instrumental in bringing substantial new business to the table through the introduction of a white label program.Combined a natural flair for numbers with a talent for building lasting business relationships

The Social Strategy Groups agenda is to create "Strategic Alliances for Mutual Benefit".

Our Mission Statement

Surprisingly enough we don't have an official one.

The Social Strategy Group has been inspired by the writings of Patrick Lencioni the author of nine business books on organizational health and executive team development, with 3 million copies sold worldwide.

His classic book "The Advantage" has inspired us and made us realize that this tool (Mission Statement) has been, in his words "a major disappointment." With this in mind we intentionally excluded on this site any reference to us having  a "Mission Statement".

We all have a purpose in life, and know in our heart what is most important to us. In fact our thoughts and values are expressed every day, by how we live, but we just may not realize it.

Our agenda is to assist you find the right direction by asking thought-provoking questions, and share valuable  information that may help you uncover your core values and highest goals.

All businesses need a competitive gem to survive, and we are all in the "information Business."

The Social Strategy Group does not have an official  "mission statement" link, but if we did have one, our mission will be to continue sharing valuable information to our visitors at our Blog menu link on the home page of our site.

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