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The Social Strategy Group is a curated team of seasoned business professionals, each with over 30 years of experience in Corporate Sales and Business Management, Financing, Technology and Operations.

A guiding principle at Social Strategy Group through our training, seminars and workshops, is to bring expertise, wisdom and a common sense approach to help business navigate an ever changing business environment.

The Social Strategy Group is launching an innovative new service called, where we look to engage the wisdom of our semi or fully retired professionals, which we refer to as Menterns, within the workforce.

A Mentern is a business professional, typically over 50 years old that can bridge that gap in the workforce between Boomers and Millennials. They are interested in sharing their career of experiences and knowledge with others in a workplace environment while perhaps learning new skills themselves.

One of the key aims of is to match a seasoned professional with a newer and emerging business, which might be lacking in strategic and seasoned expertise.

The other key aim is to diminish the negative societal effects of Ageism. We believe in people's inherent value, and that their experience and know-how is important, no matter what age they might be. We also want to encourage generational understanding and cohesiveness by working and contributing to the betterment of the business world at large.

We want to survey the market prior to our launch and we would like to know if engaging with a Mentern could help you achieve your goals?

Please click on the survey link below