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A Cause is Now the Cornerstone of Marketing

Why Social Strategy Group?

We help you evaluate how your company can align with the nonprofits’ strategy to find commonalities. We focus on the mutually beneficial relationship and recommend rights and benefits for both sides. We present the marketing concepts and how the project will be executed and explain required budget and metrics to identify how successful it can be over time.

A Strategic Approach.

Not all nonprofits are ripe for attracting corporate partners. Nonprofits hoping to attract cause related marketing partners should do their homework and practice due diligence.


Cause-Related Marketing creates a lasting impact on sales. Supporting a cause has a powerful impact on shoppers’ psychology. This becomes another selling point for your products or services thus increasing brand loyalty. It has been shown that consumers are willing to pay more for cause-related products and services. It fosters a good relationship with your brand, increasing customer loyalty and trust whilst distinguishing you from your competitors.

Nonprofit organizations

Can see such benefits as increased donations; enhanced visibility of their causes or messages; connections to sponsors and corporations, their network of employees, suppliers, distributors and other contacts; and a wealth of corporate experience, including marketing expertise and strategy development.

Cause Related Marketing

Can help you Increase sales and market share, strengthen brand positioning, enhance corporate image and clout, increase your ability to attract, motivate and retain employees and decrease operating costs.

Build Credibility

Cause-Related Marketing partners will improve their social responsibility image while causes gain more credibility through alignment with reputable brands. Brand Awareness for the cause helps you attract public support and increases fundraising opportunities. We live in an extremely competitive marketplace. It has become increasingly difficult to stand out among the noise. Cause-related marketing may be just the edge you need.

Our Team of Cause Related Marketing Strategists

Will promote your business using an ethical approach benefit both parties. CRM has a wide range of benefits to attract new customers, add value to the brand.

Being ethically and socially responsible will provide the company with brand loyalty with a positive link to the charity of choice. CRM can drastically improve customer loyalty since today’s consumers would rather support and purchase products that support charitable causes.

The Social Strategy Group and its Strategic Alliance Partners will donate a percentage of all revenues generated through the sale of products and services presented on the Social Strategy Group website.

The Social Strategy Group Alliances

Bloomtools Canada

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Print Three

One to One marketing and printing solutions.

Lloydmedia Inc.

Data-driven Magazines for Senior Executives.

Stix Brands International


The natural solution for safe hand washing.

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