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Bloomtools mission is to revolutionize the web presence of Canadian SMEs by producing Third Generation websites and internet marketing tools that generate measurable results. Bloomtools catalogue of tools and products are all developed in-house by a team of programming and graphic design experts, and undergo extensive testing to ensure they're easy to use, look fantastic, and achieve everything you want them to.

Bloomtools began in 2004 as a small software development house, servicing a number of local businesses with website design and internet marketing. Before long, we were receiving interest from advertising agencies, marketing firms and other website development companies that wanted to provide our tools to their clients. Early in 2006, we built our reseller network and focused our attention on research and development. The move paid off, and in 2007 we opened our first franchise, changed our name to Bloomtools, and continued our mission to provide results-focused internet solutions to businesses like yours.

Strategic Alliance Program

Do any of your business associates ever ask you for a contact when it comes to building a Website. Would you like to align them with a reliable website development company to provide world-class online solutions to these associates?

Simply send the lead, we'll do the rest.

Our Strategic Alliance program allows you to refer your associates on to us and earn revenue for every lead that turns into a sale. All you have to do is connect them with a Bloomtools Internet consultant. The consultant will meet with them and close the sale. Our experienced team of graphic designers and programmers will build a unique online solution for your contact.

The ideal referral partner.

This is opportunity is best suited to Corporations, Business Networking Associations, or Professional individuals with connections in industries that require quality website design, and the many tools needed to thrive in a rapidly changing business environment.

Bloomtools can become an additional revenue stream.

It is also important that our Strategic Alliance partners share our passion for the Internet and business, and endorse high quality service standards.

Free website assessment.

At no cost to your connections, your referred clients will be able to understand why their website isn't working for them, and what can be done to get more leads and sales.

If you are interested in our Strategic Alliance program, or would just like information on building a new website, please fill out the form below.

Bloomtools Opportunities

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