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The Social Strategy Group Advisors

The Social Strategy Group Advisors will introduce new research, ideas, thoughts, and valuable information to highlight pertinent social issues to improve the outcomes for related groups and /or individuals. Our agenda is to assist those we represent, to find the right direction by asking thought-provoking questions, and sharing valuable information that may help you uncover your core values and highest goals 

Michael Morris, President, CEO - THE SOCIAL STRATEGY GROUP

In 1975, after many years in his family fashion business, Michael emigrated from England where he was born, and was instrumental in the opening of Holly's Ladies Fashions, regarded at the time one of the most prestigious fashion chains in Canada. Responsibilities included the hiring and training of Management and staff, purchasing of all product categories, merchandising, and new store acquisitions.

After eight successful years as General Manager of Holly's, and gaining recognition as a fashion industry expert, Michael left Holly's to open his own manufacturing company. The company specialized in quality ladies fashions, with distribution throughout several hundred independent specialty stores, Department stores,  and Retail chains across Canada and the US.

Michael was a pioneer in the development of Private label programs for many major retailers in the early 80's, and entered into several licensing arrangements with US fashion companies for distribution in Canada.

Over the past 15 years Michael has consulted for several designers, creating the successful direct sales "Sunny Choi Fashion House" concept in 1992.

In 1993 Michael introduced workplace shopping fundraising events for over 50 Hospitals across Southern Ontario, and continues to work with many non-profit organizations as a Cause-Related Marketing consultant to help raise much needed funds for many needy causes.

After 50 years experience in the fashion industry as a Retailer, Manufacturer and Marketing Consultant, with technology becoming an integral part of retailing in the 21st century, Michael acquired a technology franchise called Bloomtools, offering web solutions for small to medium size businesses.

Michael was a mentor at the Toronto Fashion Incubator sharing his expertise and vision with the members.

Laura Tyson - Director of Communications

As a young child, Laura started her retail sales career selling Regal Gifts & Stationary to her neighbours and family. Many of her teachers said that she had the "gift of the gab", and she continued to excel at selling the most Girl Guide Cookies at age 12. Being passionate about people, at 15, she worked part-time selling fabrics at Eaton's Queen Street and made all of her own clothes.

She put herself through university selling photographic equipment and had a dream to be a Phys-edteacher. Following an injury, she changed paths and ended up working with a major american airline.Her 25 year careerprovided her with various role insales, account management, marketing and training positions.

Laura was fortunate to grow up in the DOS era where she enjoyed learning about computers and technology. She also took every advantage to travelling around the world and learn various languages.

After leaving the airlines, she consults in the hospitality field and presently conducts sales and service audits on the retail fashion and services industry.
Since 2011, Laura has enrolled in classes at Ryerson University in Caring Clowning, Acting, Stand-up Comedy, and most recently, Improv.

Laura has been involved with Habitat for Humanity Global Village Volunteer house building projects in China, Portugal, Bolivia. In 2000, she became a Team leader,and is awaiting the go-head for her trip to HO Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2021.

She is involved as a co-facilitator with the Academy of Life Long Learning at Tartu College and recently became a TEDex Circles host. Laura also volunteers as a Caring Clown with her clown associates in various senior's residences in the GTA.

Laura recently commented, "The more mature one becomes, one realizes that it's time to "lighten up", smile and ignite the world!".       

Laura's passion and determination in attempting anything that she sets her mind on, has always given her the fuel to be the best at whatever she tries!
Her original motto is," If you don't play in the traffic, you'll never get hit by a car."

In her present role with the Social Strategy Group, Laura is involved in marketing and Social Media. She also is active as a mentor for new and upcoming talent in the industry.

Edward M. Borsuk - President E.M. Borsuk & Associates - Speaker - Educator, Business Operations and Management Consultant

Edward started his first business in his early 20's, filling a niche market in the entertainment and electronics industry serving the North American markets. During that time, Edward explored the world of computers and technology and their use as a solution in business applications.

University Educated with Entrepreneurial vision,and a proven ability to develop and manage key initiatives, projects and resources, Edward has since worked with many Fortune 1000 companies in such verticals as Manufacturing, Warehousing, Sales and Distribution, Food Production, Major Retail, Office Equipment, Healthcare, Military, Commercial Services, Industrial and Commercial Chemicals, Personnel Recruiting, Financial Services, Accounting Services and Education, Web and eCommerce.

With his technology background and additional sales, marketing, accounting and business education, Edward has brought his forward thinking and demonstrated strengths in consultative relationship management to such positions asCIO and Director of IT and Operations, VP of Computer Consulting Services and New Business Development, Senior Engagement and Project Manager, Director of Professional Services and IT, National Sales and Product Manager, VP Customer Service, CIO Food Service Production, Director of Special Projects and Events, CEO Business Consulting, CEO Online Lifestyle Shop.

Edward has honed his expertise during his many years in business with his involvement and leadership in many projects, initiatives and Continuous Improvement Teams including Six Sigma. Edward has effectively improved corporateROI and marketplace penetration and competiveness, saving companies millions of dollars through streamlined operations, improved efficiencies and new business opportunities.

Edward is a Nutritional Consulting Chef and still works with Not-for-Profits, Hotels, Hospitals and Healthcare looking to implemet dietary aware and alergen free solutions. As well, he has mentored young Canadians in Event Management.

As a self-motivated team playing professional with vision, superb inter-personal, team building, mentoring, negotiation andmanagement skills Edward looks forward to discussing about how he may be of help to you.

Michael Brooke - Publisher - Preserver of Memories

Michael has a background in sales, marketing, and publishing.

In 1995, he started the SkateGeezer Homepage. This website led to the publication of The Concrete Wave (the history of skateboarding). It went on to sell 42,000 copies and spawn a 52 part TV series. The book also was the catalyst for a documentary and feature film "Lords of Dogtown"

In 2002 he started the magazine Concrete Wave, reaching millions of skaters worldwide, and in 2012, he founded Longboarding for Peace that spread to over 25 countries.

One of his best-known initiatives was working with local police in Southern California. We traded over 1,000 guns in for skateboards. 

After a short break, Michael decided to re-enter the world of publishing through his new business venture “Time For My Story.”