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The Social Strategy Group is the Home of the Social Lead


Introducing an ONLINE SOCIAL LEAD GENERATION SYSTEM that connects Businesses and non-profit organizations for mutual benefit. The Social Strategy groups Strategic Alliance  Membership will present businesses the solution for their lead generation needs, while also addressing the growing demands non-profits face to raise additional revenue.

A SOCIAL LEAD is a customized lead that the Social Strategy Group believes is a NUMBER ONE PRIORITY for Strategic Alliances  to acquire and is more powerful than any other lead available:

Here's why.

  • It is pre-qualified,
  • Number one need for Businesses
  • It comes from a known reliable source,
  • It Is based on relationships and trust
  • It is cost-efficient.

What makes the Social Strategy Group DIFFERENT?:

Unlike conventional lead generation companies, SSG has recruited an extensive and qualified membership to generate Social leads that are centered on pre-existing relationships and trust. Word of Mouth Marketing and the power of the referral are the tools that drive the "Social Lead", by identifying interested prospects and matching them with the many businesses opportunities available at 



Almost every company relies on customers to survive. If your company wants to prosper then it must have new customers arriving at the door on a regular basis. A company cannot develop and grow without new customers, and most things that don't develop and grow tend to die.

The Social Strategy Group Social Lead generation concept uses tools and strategies to bring new customers in your direction and ensure the future success of your business.

Our goal is to help our Strategic Alliances and nonprofits find their shortest path to success.

Our philosophy is based on the principles of "It's Not only What  you know, but it's who you know and who knows you"

SSG  believes in Word of Mouth Marketing, and the power of the referral. "A SOCIAL LEAD" is created through such mechanisms as Social networks and shared trust to achieve mutual benefit. Imagine the cost to a business if it had to hire and train hundreds of salespeople to promote their products and services, and this cost is with no guarantee of achieving the required results.

The Social Strategy Group Members will promote all the registered Strategic Alliance Business Partners to their personal network, and qualify their prospects' interest before forwarding leads on to the Strategic Alliances Partners for fulfillment.



Each Social Lead generated by a STRATEGIC ALLIANCE Partner will be forwarded to the SSG Head Office for processing and logged into their personal web account. The Social lead will then be forwarded to the Strategic Alliance Partner for fulfillment. Once the Social Lead is converted into a sale by the Strategic Alliance Partner, notification of each transaction is available for viewing 24/7 on the member's personal online account.

The Strategic Alliance program works by offering a solution to a business's lead generation needs. We take on elements of the sales cycle that are of low value or you just can't find the time to do. In these days of increasing competition, our unique concept can be invaluable.