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After the SARS and H1N1 outbreak, Angelo Mantenuto President of Stixbrands International passion became his purpose, and he started to think about how he could make a difference.  In 2004, he co-founded a non-alcohol hand sanitizer company called Clean Freak Patrol to help educate children and their parents on the importance of good hand hygiene. Angelo’s experience and market research led him to firmly believe that using a sanitizer was not the perfect solution. Although the general public’s attitude towards hand hygiene has improved over the years Angelo believes it’s still nowhere near where it needs to be. Especially when going out in public places such as hospitals, schools, airports, and the workplace where thousands of germs are on surfaces and contaminated soap dispensers.

“How can people prevent the spread of germs and getting sick?”

The simple answer is that handwashing with soap and water is the number one way of eliminating germs. This was the breakthrough that Angelo needed to create the first all-natural portable hand wash spray called SoapStix, which is the perfect solution for people on the go, a new healthy way to well-being. Imagine carrying your own personal hand wash, and never having to wash your hands from a contaminated public soap dispenser filled with harmful chemical petroleum-based soap.

Educating our children at an early age regarding the importance of hand hygiene was and still is a priority, and that was the purpose for creating Stixbrands International..

In today’s world of uncertainty with the spread of unknown deadly germs and diseases and even getting sick with colds and the flu, it is peace of mind knowing we can protect ourselves, our children, and families anytime...anywhere!

 Stixbrands International has been an advocate of CRM since 2004 and offers many wonderful products to help raise funds for needy causes.

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