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Business Survey Questions and Results:

1. Have you ever worked with a Mentor to assist you in your business?:

               Yes 10%
               No   90%

2. Do you feel that you would benefit from getting sage advice and answers to your business questions from a Mentern working in your company?:


3. Would you hire an older seasoned business professional on a part time or full time basis?:

               Parttime 42%
               Full time 28%

4. Do you believe a Mentern can help you look at problems and situations from perspectives that you might not have considered?:

Yes 73%
No   27%

5. In which area of your business do you thyou need the most help?:

               13% Management    52% Sales   18% Marketing   10% Accounting/Bookkeeping    7% Other

6. Would it be important to you to have a Mentern work with you to help you improve your communication with your staff?:

               62% Yes
               38% No

7. What is the most important quality your Mentern should have?:

               68%  The experience and knowledge we need
               11%  Good work ethic
               14%  Gets along well with team members
                 4%  Strategic Thinker
                 3%  Solid skills

8. Could you benefit from an expanded business network that a Mentern might have access to?:

               75% Yes
               25% No

9. Would it be of service to you to have a Mentern develop a library of processes and procedures that you can use for operational guidance?:

               38% Yes
               62%  No

10. Would you like help in preparing a strategic operation plan?:

               42% Yes
               58%  No

11. Do you think that being able to vent to a Mentern can help mitigate the depth of some of your workplace frustration?:

                51% Yes
                49% No

12. Would it be of interest to you knowing that you have a credible Mentern to turn to when facing difficult business situations?:

                49% Yes
                51% No

13. Rate the likelihood of you hiring a Mentern. Please rate between 1 and 6 with 6 being the most likely.:

1-   5%
2-   8%
3-  16%
4-  14 %
5-  26%
6-  31%