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Before submitting your Resume keep these facts in mind, when deciding on your resume's length:

Your resume should be long enough to entice hiring managers to call you for job interviews. That may sound vague, but there is no hard-and-fast length rule that works for everyone. Factors to consider include career objective, occupation, industry, years of experience, number of employers, scope of accomplishments and education/training.

Your resume is a career marketing tool, not an autobiography.

Strive to keep your resume concise and focused on your key selling points. Be willing to let go of past experiences that don't market you for your current goal. Every word in the resume should sell your credentials and value to a potential employer.

A two page resume is more than enough. You should also leave something to talk about in the interview.

Put the most important information at the top of the page. Lead your resume with a career summary so your key credentials appear at the forefront of the resume. On the second page, include a page number and include your name and contact information.

Something to consider:

Are Infomercials the New Resumes?

You deserve a new career so just when is it going to happen? It's not for lack of trying - you've put in the time polishing and peddling your resume, pumping up your online profiles, building professional relationships  and applying for jobs, but no golden ticket yet. It's a jungle out there and no easy task catching a potential employer's eye. But if your resume and networking aren't winning interviews for your dream job, consider distinguishing yourself from the competition with an infomercial and you're the star!

It may sound outside the professional box and definitely beyond your comfort zone, but consider doing this.  Develop your own personal infomercial and attach it to your killer resume when sending out to prospective employers and you'll substantially increase your chances of finding a job that suits your skills and personality, and for the employer the right person for the position.

"An infomercial educates the employer about who you are, the kind of people you work best with, and how you resolve conflict, and what a perfect working day is for you. Employers can determine whether they need your talents and know who you really are, not who you want them to think you are."

Infomercials are the perfect complement to a resume. We don't believe that resumes or elevator pitches are very effective in relaying who you really are. Resumes only tell you so much, they are like a trip itinerary of where you have been, and you leave it to the employer to figure out who you are." And elevator pitches are just that, a sales pitch.

Don't be shy about announcing who you are and what you like to do, that's the only way snag a job where you'll truly shine. Bottom line is you need to be comfortable presenting your infomercial in an interview. So like any presentation or speech you need to rehearse.

Tips on how to prepare for your video

Get dressed for your dream job and film a video on your phone. Have you ever heard yourself on tape? It's weird for a lot of people, but that is how you're going to sound in an interview. You have to sound natural and it takes practice.

Be sure your infomercial answers the following questions:

What should people pay you for that will make them money and save them time?

Think about the best work you've ever done and the best things anyone has ever said about you. "Make a list and back it up with examples, anecdotes, and achievements,"

Who do I work best with?

Make a list of the people you have worked with seamlessly and look what characteristics they share. Include bosses, clients and co-workers. Where were you most productive?

How do I like to resolve conflict?

Take into account both you and your potential employer. "Is your conflict-resolution style compatible with the conflict-resolution style of your potential employer? They have to be if you're going to be happy."

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