Returns have long been the nemesis of many retail brands being sold online.

When a product is returned or exchanged, not only does the retailer experience incremental supply chain costs, but often the item cannot be resold at the original price owing to damage, wear and tear, or obsolescence/devaluation given the passage of time particularly an issue with fashion or seasonal merchandise.

The mounting cost of returns is a growing and scary problem for many retailers that simply cannot go unchecked much longer. As e-commerce continues to grab share, it's going to get worse perhaps considerably before it gets better

With recent advance in web technology, many online shopping websites have been emerged.

Despite its advantages, however, online shopping presents certain drawbacks. One drawback is that it may be difficult for a person to visualize how a given article would look if worn by that person-owing to the rich variation in body size and shape, hair and skin color, etc., in the human population.


The Social Strategy Groups approach is to concentrate on how the selected garment fits the user's body and how it will be appear as if he/she in real world.

This was carried out by identifying critical points on a garment and user's body dimensions using image processing techniques.

An application for mitigating the virtual dressing room was designed, implemented and tested.

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