Marketing dollars are being frittered away on old tired marketing strategies.

Marketing dollars are traditionally earmarked to create a brand identity for a business. In the current economic climate with change as the only constant, retail businesses must adapt to the new realities facing bricks and mortar locations just to survive.

"You don't need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind is blowing"


"When your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail."

The Social Strategy Group offers a creative tool that it provides to clients. We call this tool a Strategic Alliance.

Businesses, particularly retailers who enter into a Strategic Alliance with a compatible company can overcome the current economic onslaughts.

There is no need to spend additional marketing dollars.

Strategic Alliances can help you thrive, not just survive:

Our Corporate partners are able create a Strategic Alliance with each other and share the same target audiences and markets. They can also  provide complementary products or services to each other.

They collaborate to build their businesses through relationships and referrals. Each company will benefit  by acquiring new customers.

Strategic Alliances are two-way streets; and therefore should have a vested interest in helping other businesses grow. This mutual cross-promotion and support is the hallmark of a successful alliance that creates a win-win opportunity for all parties involved.

How to engage with the Social Strategy Group


Submit a request for a meeting either in person or by phone by filling out the "SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION" box on the Home page of the website. 


As a Coporate Strategic Alliance partner of the Social Strategy Group you will generate leads and the opportunity to increase revenues.

Register with the Social Strategy Group by filling out the contact form below. The Social Strategy Group will contact you to explain the process in detail, and should you be interested in engaging in the program, provide you with a NDA agreement  and your exclusive Source code. The Social Strategy Group will list you as a Strategic Alliance Partner.

As soon as you have received your Source code number you can start introducing your prospects to any of the listed Social Strategy Group Alliances. If your Prospects are interested in receiving further details, fill out the "Lead Generation Form" located on the Strategic Alliance menu link, and enter their information, not forgetting to enter your exclusive source code number. Your source code number controls your lead generation information and your earned revenues.

The Social Strategy Group will contact your prospects, and provide them with all the necessary details to move forward..

We do all the work, and you will earn revenue from all the referred leads that close

This opportunity is also available to Professional individuals, who have connections in industries that are compatible with our Strategic Alliances. presenting the opportunity to earn money by simply referring their many business associates to the listed Strategic Alliances products and services.

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