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Would you like to know why your website is not delivering the results you were promised?
After all the graphics look great.

Well if you have been wondering - maybe even worried whether the tools you are using to draw traffic to your site are not working. Then read on.

One of the most important tools that web developers promote to businesses to help generate traffic to increase sales is SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO).


Traditional Search Engine Optimization is dying a slow and painful death. Gone are the days of trying to "fool" Google with what is commonly referred to as Black Hat SEO Tactics. Every time the SEO industry finds a tactic that works to get sites ranked quickly, ultimately Google makes an update to their algorithm, and suddenly the tactic which your SEO supplier has been implementing will suddenly not only stop working, but could now potentially be penalizing your SEO score card..

If all this is beginning to resonate with you by pointing out the immediate need for a major tune up of your tired and inefficient website. then
We have the solution


What makes iOPW different and Why?

iOPW introduces 3 patented platforms that focus on DIGITAL CONTENT MARKETING.

These platforms will provide internet growth solutions for your business, establish your corporate online identity, and increase traffic to your website

The result of all of the iOPW platforms creates organic domination and user engagement unlike anything else on the web. Hence the company name iOPW. (Inrease Online Presence Worldwide). All of these platforms are unique in the marketplace in terms of SEO.

The Social Strategy Group has engaged in a Strategic Alliance with iOPW to promote their services, but for Businesses to achieve MAXIMUM results there is one question that needs to be asked.

"Is your website working for you, or are you working for your website"

The Social Strategy Group also has a strategic alliance with Bloomtools Canada, a leading web development company. Bloomtools understands that websites are living entities and they continually update and improve their software to take advantage of new technologies and strategies.

Prior to your installation of the iOPW platforms, Bloomtools will offer a Free website analysis to make sure that iOPW will achieve the desired results for your business before you engage in their services.

Attracting visitors to your business website is only one part of the equation, When they arrive there they have to enjoy the experience.
iOPW can bring more traffic to your site but it is your responsibility to engage with consumers and close deals.

TO LEARN MORE PLEASE CONTACT MICHAEL MORRIS AT michael.morris@bloomtools.ca or call 416-230-6181

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