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Why strategic alliances make sense for businesses

Posted by Michael Morris on 17 November 2021
Why strategic alliances make sense for businesses
Today, as the world struggles with the human and economic impacts of a pandemic, suddenly the need for collaborative strategic alliances between businesses and their service and logistics providers is more necessary than ever. When major organizations  link up, it sends a clear message that Strategic Alliances are more than a trend. They are here to stay. The idea is to combine and connect expertise to expand companies’ reach, drive growth, and cope with rising competition. Strategic alliances are an option for companies seeking cost-effective growth opportunities in a crowded market. The best strategic alliances go beyond any single campaign or project, often combining both technology and channel partnerships, all while adding aspects of PR, product road mapping, and even co-branding, but for those who manage to deliver successful strategic alliances, the rewards are plentiful. To become a Strategic Alliance of the Social Strategy Group visit
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I am a Fashion Mentern

Posted by Michael Morris on 26 March 2018
My name is Michael Morris, President of the Social Strategy Group. I was born in 1945 and I consider myself 25 years old, with 48 years of Fashion and Marketing experience. This Blog  is not about how we did things back in our day. This is about a real concern, an age concern. Let's put things into perspective here. With the recent and very welcome push for sexual equality, the time is also right to address the inequality of blatant ageism in the workplace. If you're 18 to 30 years old, you may want to look away now. Ideas and creativity are not exclusive to the twenty somethings. You forget, we've been there and done that. In fact, don't look at the grey hair and think we're not still doing it. We are. This is not a competition between millennials and boomers. The key argument for the defence?  Simply put: experienced Boomers are still passionate, but with pragmatism and discipline. More importantly, that experience brings a much...
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Posted by Michael Morris on 14 February 2018
 Most Boomers will have difficulty finding employment if they have lost their job or are looking to make a career change, or maybe just thinking of coming out of retirement. You are considered a Mentern If you are a seasoned business professional over 50 years of age  and interested in sharing your lifetime of experiences and knowledge with younger employees in a workplace environment, yet also willing to learn new skills. Menterns are the fastest-growing segment of the workforce those beyond the age of fifty years old that are no longer content to simply cope with being labelled. "OVER THE HILL"   "OUT TO PASTURE"   "TWILIGHT YEARS"   "RETIRED" These Quotations reflect a stubborn myth that aging is a negative experience, and that "successful aging" amounts to nothing more than slowing the inevitable decline of body and mind. (Quotations were taken from the book THE MATURE MIND -...
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Posted by Michael Morris on 25 January 2017
A  WEB SOLUTION: DIGITAL CONTENT MARKETING Would you like to know why your website is not delivering the results you were promised?
After all the graphics look great. Well if you have been wondering - maybe even worried whether the tools you are using to draw traffic to your site are not working. Then read on. One of the most important tools that web developers promote to businesses to help generate traffic to increase sales is SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO). BUT DID YOU KNOW? Traditional Search Engine Optimization is dying a slow and painful death. Gone are the days of trying to "fool" Google with what is commonly referred to as Black Hat SEO Tactics. Every time the SEO industry finds a tactic that works to get sites ranked quickly, ultimately Google makes an update to their algorithm, and suddenly the tactic which your SEO supplier has been implementing will suddenly not only stop working, but could now potentially be penalizing your ...
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Posted by Michael Morris on 19 January 2017

In today's fast paced and highly competitive world does every business need a functional up to date website to be successful?

You probably answered YES and joined the ranks of 99.9 percent of business owners who answered this question just as you did. This answer is incorrect because  if your business is Eponymous you don't necessarily need a website.You may choose NOT TO HAVE A WEBSITE as in the case of Gryfes (see below) or you may choose to go ahead and create a website- see Adiddas and Jacuzzi below

The classical definition of EPONYMOUS is that the name of the business and the name of the product are the same.
Here is an example of an eponymous business in Toronto that does not have and does not need a website. It's called Gryfe's Bakery Google maps know that Gryfes doesn't have a website, and asks its Google Guides to please add this missing information to Google Map...
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